Let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we…

Do you remember the days of the Palm Pilot Professional? For me, this was the ultimate time management tool. I would sync my calendar, contacts and tasks with my computer; and my little device would track where I needed to be and what I needed to do each minute of the day. I had every contact phone number, address, and birth dates all at my finger tips. I was a directory of information for myself and the people in my life.

Then, my whole life changed. I had children. My time management system no longer worked. Instead of tracking meetings and social events I was coordinating play dates, doctor appointments and grocery lists. I was struggling (i.e. things were missed, and/or forgotten). The Palm no longer fit into my life…. We had to break up.

As my kids got older, and my work schedule increased; so did the demands of our schedules. Now… here’s where the problem solver in me kicked in….

As an early “tech” savvy user, I felt clearly that I needed a smart phone for my calendar/contact (this was of course pre-iApple days), but at that time I could not justify the cost. Also to consider, I have always been a list maker and liked writing things down – it’s a little cumbersome at times, but I remember things when I write them down. So clearly, I need to research a new planning system.

Enter the MomAgenda… I quickly found myself in love with this planner. It had the right amount of space to track my many activities (and my families) as well as keep a quick reference of contact information and my weekly tasks. Paper and I are like old friends. We love each other and will never fail! Perfect. Right? 

This worked well for a while, but I have to admit, I was getting tired of carrying over various pieces of information from planner to planner. There had to be a better solution…

Lets flash forward to about 2011 when Apple entered into my life (yes it took me that long and no, I still don’t have a smart phone)… when I decided to invest in an iPad! My whole life changed. 

I felt (and still feel like) that my time and life are finally at one with my universe. I have integrated my calendar/contacts back into my computer/tablet. No more transferring information from year to year.  

I still use a pen and paper for my tasks and that’s a perfect fit for me. It keeps my on track (remember, when I write things down I can better remember things) and I get great satisfaction from crossing things off my list.

So you see… the moral of the story is that nothing lasts forever, but things that work always stick!

So please tell me… what works best for you?

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