I love being a reliable resource for my clients and friends. It’s an amazing feeling to help someone simplify a process or find the right answer to a problem. 

As I continue to celebrate my 10 year anniversary in 2014, here are 10 things that simplify my life:

1. Wunderlist – keeps track of my to-do’s on my phone, computer and iPad.

2. Outlook – organizes my contacts, my calendar, my emails without fail.

3. iPhone – allows me to access everything quickly and easily

4. CardStar – keeps all my reward card bar codes in my phone and NOT in my wallet

5. ScanSnap Scanner– a new feature in my life that will (hopefully) allow me to get rid of all the paper!

6. Shredder – Helps my compost bin + and eliminates the paper easy

7. Thank you notes – Allows me to appreciate people in my life, easily and quickly.

8. ATM machine – Haven’t needed to go into a bank in almost 10 years!

9. Sharpie Markers – Helps me to organize my thoughts COLORFULLY!

10. My husband – Picks up the slack when I need it, cheers me on when I want it, and most of all reminds me that it’s okay to be human!

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