Do you ever find yourself standing in front of the pantry, wondering… what the heck can I make for dinner? As if something magical is going to jump off the shelf, onto the table, piping hot… and ready for your hungry family. 

The thought of it actually doing that cracks me up!

Pantry problems are more than just figuring our what to prepare for dinner… it’s knowing where things belong, how much do you need (or have) and when you need to shop for more! Often, I find that when working in a pantry it’s important to determine what are the missing ingredients… Here are a few…


People laugh at me all the time. They will say… “labeling is for kindergartners…” Well the fact of the matter is – everyone loves it once they have it. 

A pantry is the best thing to have labeled in a busy household. It identifies where things belong and reminds others where to put things away (rather than just stuffing them back on the shelf). Things like chalkboard labels, tags or a label maker can really clean up a pantry.


For me, there is nothing worse than going into the pantry for a box of graham crackers and… the box is empty (I hate that personally and I just know it drives my clients nuts).

Clear containers can help you quickly visualize how much you have left, not to mention helps you find things faster. Open baskets or bins help with items that are individually portion sized items such as granola bars or snacks make it accessible for everyone! Not to mention it make it easier to grab and go!

Use of space

Pantry shelves are never big enough! They typically allow for those tall items such as pastas or large boxes, leaving valuable unused space.A Stack-able shelf can offer a ton of extra shelf space for smaller items such as can or boxed goods.

There are tons of pantry options, you just have to start looking at what’s unorganized… and find a solution.

Who knows… maybe tonight, dinner will actually make itself! Got a pantry secret to share?

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