Do you ever notice how most everything is recommended to us in 3’s? 

We’ve got the 3-R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle), hang pictures in groups of 3, I’m the youngest of 3 girls… There is an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to the “Rule of 3” theory. It’s interesting when you put this into a context that makes sense…

What would happen if we applied this theory to getting organized? 

  • 3 tasks to…
  • 3 minutes to… 
  • 3 boxes… 
  • 3 steps to….
  • 3 actions for… 
  • 3 files…
  • 3 hours will…

Look… I even used three “…” in my examples. If you can subscribe to the idea of doing things in “3’s; consider applying that into your process of getting organized. Pick one of these strategies and see what it can do. 

  • 3 tasks to… get done today.
  • 3 minutes to… deal with my emails.
  • 3 boxes…  to sort today.
  • 3 steps to…. organizing my closet.
  • 3 actions for… organizing a project.
  • 3 files… to clean out today.
  • 3 hours will… be dedicated to office work

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