“I love to share what I know so that others can live better!”

Megan Spears loves to share her expertise in organizing. She loves to inspire her clients in defining what organized needs to look like for them. She motivates her clients to consider other ways to simplify life. Megan’s style is exciting and engaging! She brings her personality and humor into her presentations and gives useful information that you can take back and implement immediately! Each presentation can be customized to meet your audience and business needs.

Speaking topics:

Controlling Paper Clutter
Do you struggle with mountains of paper? Learn how to evaluate the paper and determine how to process it easier and more efficiently; as well as the key elements to your paper management system.

Unload the Digital Overload
Dissect your digital life! Determine what your digital clutter is so that you can focus on what works and direct your energy towards those tools that support your digital life to be more productive.

Productivity Essentials for the Entrepreneur
Do you struggle with working in your business rather than on your business? Learn how to create an effective output in your business so that you can see the results in your bottom line.

Manage Time… Before it Manages You
How we use our time determines how much we can get done. We will review how to look at our time, evaluate our priorities and determine the best way to making the most of what we have.

Tackling the To-Do List
Do you create lists, but never check anything off? Learn how to determine what list works for you, how to prioritize and manage the growing demands of your time to get things done.

Organize a Productive Workspace
Often, we don’t see what simple space changes can do to our productivity. Learn how to create an effective workspace so that you can reduce distraction, improve time and increase your productivity.

Goal Setting for Business Professionals
Do you feel stuck? It’s hard to figure out what’s important and create your goals to maximize your productivity, increase your bottom line and focus on your most important work.